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Benefits Counseling

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Benefits Counseling provides information and counseling free of charge to adults 60 years of age or older, or to Medicare beneficiaries of any age.  The specially trained Benefits Counselor helps those who need assistance or have questions about the following:

    Medicare Parts A and B

    Medicare Advantage Plans

    Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)

    Medicare Savings Programs (QMB, SLMB, QI-1, QDWI)

    Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)

    Social Security Benefits


    Public Benefits Programs

    Private Insurance Issues

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

    Advance Directives

    Appeals Representation

    Low Income Subsidy Assistance for Part D prescription costs

To receive free one-on-one confidential counseling, ask for  a Benefits Counselor when you call the Area Agency on Aging.




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